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Curriculum and Material Development

Writer           : Hartoyo, M.A., Ph.D
Publisher       : Pelita Insani Semarang
Date              : 2011
Pages            : 162 pages

Category        : Reference


Curriculum is at the heart of education.

(Council Curriculum, 2001:13).


In educational realm, curriculum is perceived as one of the important and influential factors in the process as well as the results of the learning. Curriculum is a dynamic and includes all the learning experiences provided for the students. It encompasses the learning environment, teaching methods, the resources provided for learning, the systems of assessment, the school ethos and the ways in which students and staff s behave towards one another. Curriculum also needs to be adjusted with the society changes, cultural, technology, economy and other aspects.


This book is primary designed for students and whoever wishes to pursue a better understanding of Curriculum and Material Development (CMD). Its primary purpose is to expose readers to a number of important parts or topics in CMD such as the basic knowledge of curriculum and instructional material, theories, principles, steps and strategies as well as current case of CMD in Indonesia, including School - Based Curriculum known as Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP), particularly in the TEFL context. This book also provides exercises and practical activities to strengthen and develop the readers’ knowledge of CMD.

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Curriculum and Material Development

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